Pure Grenada

Recently, I traveled to Grenada for a 7-days trip and although I spent most of my life living on the island, it was wonderful to be back with fresh eyes and a new perspective. I was greeted by the sweltering heat from the 90 degrees weather and then a cool Point Saline breeze that hit me in the right spot. It was enough to make me feel at home, without words – welcome to Pure Grenada!

Located in the Southern Caribbean, this island was named Conception Island, Island of Spice and now Pure Grenada.  The island is surrounded by many smaller islands, with Carriacou and Petit Martinique being two of the more popular sister isles. Its population is just over one hundred thousand, and if you're lucky enough to walk the streets of the island, I can guarantee you that someone will say hello, a bus conductor will shout just to see if you're going to town. Oh, I love the feeling of nostalgia that engulfed me, it felt right and normal, like this is the life I should be living. This is home. The little country boasts itself in the friendliness of its people – the islands greatest resource.

If you've even been to a Caribbean island, or it's somewhere in your dreams, I'm sure you can picture yourself on a white sandy beach, under a coconut tree and maybe sipping on local guava juice. You'll perhaps listen to the waves break on the shore or involuntarily listen to reggae music coming from the local beach bar.

Well, I grew up a country girl, living a hard core country life so I like doing country things. I was really looking forward to all the historical sites I knew about, but with the passage of time they became a faint memory from my childhood. I really just wanted to sit on a stone in the waterfall and listen to the water, fall. I wanted to throw stones at a my-bone nest and randomly pick up golden-apple from someone else's garden. I wanted to visit the local Saturday market in the city and talk to the vendors, I wanted to ask the people in my old neighborhood about their thoughts on the referendum vote that was about to happen and I wanted to visit the Sulphur Spring and Levera Lake in River Sallee.

I wanted to walk old roads that knew me well and I wanted to visit new roads because the old places I visited pretended as if nothing's changed.  No, really – nothing's changed. But I did. Something in me shifted.