Behold: Bergen’s Beauty

Me: Girls I just booked a $400 flight to Bergen, Norway for Memorial weekend. Here are the details and you’re welcome to join.

Girl(s): WHAT? Let me think about it.

Me: If you wait too long the deal will expire. AND it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world, so it’s either NOW or NEVER.

Girl(s): Ahhhh OK. I’m coming.

Me: Let me book the flight for you (bonus: miles and points) ha!

And just like that….. I was on my way to Norway with two girlfriends! Shall we call it, positive peer pressure?


Bergen, is one of my favorites. I probably say that about every new place I visit, but choosing this was the best impulsive decision I’ve ever made. And to be honest, my only regret is not staying a little longer because four days was not enough.

My heart is still swollen and I’m still in awe of the majestic beauty Bergen behold. Honestly Bergen, showed me its true colors. Let me explain. 

It is the rainiest city in Europe and the world. As nature would run its course, upon arrival, it was indeed raining! But then the sun came out and smiled on us for the next 4 days!

Imagine a small, compact yet vibrant city center surrounded by seven jaw dropping mountainous terrains. I know right?! Now imagine wooden houses with slate panels, some bright and others in pastel colors, mostly white. And imagine mountainous peaks that separate the city from the mountains. One more. Imagine a place where the sun don’t set until 10:00pm or even later.

You see why I’m still in awe? This picturesque city is full of charm. Cliched I know, but there is no denying, it is what it is. If you like the city, but you’re also an outdoors enthusiast add Bergen to your list.

We arrived in the evening at Flesland Airport. We took the airport shuttle bus to Bergen city center and our first stop was at our beautiful Airbnb apartment. Our hosts are adventurers in every sense of the word and they were away for the weekend. The location was ideal, only fifteen minutes walk from the city. Wasting no time, we went back to the city where we met with a friend before making our way to Sarah Reed’s Ceramic Studio. Sarah is incredibly talented, I didn’t want to leave the studio and she was very kind to gift us handmade ceramic mugs. What a treat already!


Did I mention that Norway is one of the most expensive country in the world? Well, my girls and I bought groceries and we made breakfast everyday because we were traveling on a budget.



The next day, we explored the city center. We made our way to the historic harbor district Bryggen (old wharf of Bergen). This is a UNESCO world heritage site and probably the most photographed site in Bergen.

Visit Mount Fløyen

To get a birds eye view of the city center we took the Fløibanen (furnicular railway) to one of Norway’s most famous attractions, Mount Fløyen.  For the best scenic view on your way to the top be sure to sit in the very front of the furnicular.

Fjords Getaway

One of my top favorite moments was our Norway In A Nutshell tour to explore the fjords - I was blown away the beautiful, untouched and natural scenery. We visited Gudvangen, Flam, Voss and Myrdal via bus and railway.

Hike The Highest Mountain

Another favorite, is hiking to Mount Ulriken - Bergen highest peak. We took the Ulriken express bus from the city center (fish market area) to the lower station of the mountain’s cable car. As you would imagine, we did not take the cable car to the top. We took the ‘short’ route and hiked for three hours. Every sweat, step and fall was worth getting to the top.

Let Your Wanderlust Lead You

This city is walkable, and it’s really easy to find your way around. I wanted to get a feel of living local in Bergen. At some point during the trip I wandered off for 2 hours by my lonesome to explore hidden back alleys, waterfronts and other nearby neighborhoods. I witnessed the Beukorps marching and chanting in the street as their parents stood on the sidelines. I saw children playing double dutch in their front yard, tourists on segways and of course lovers hand in hand strolling through alley ways.

Thinking about visiting Norway? 

Here are some money saving tips: 

  • Book your accommodation in advance
  • Eat on a budget — buy groceries and make your breakfast 
  • Have sober fun — buying alcohol will put a hole in your pocket
  • Bring your walking shoes! Buses are expensive
  • The best things to do are FREE