2017 Travel Bucket List

The internet is saturated with articles of people quitting their jobs to travel. How exciting? While that no doubt sounds like a great life changing experience, there are many people who love traveling, but don't have the luxury of quitting their jobs to globe trot. Here’s the thing, I love to have my cake and eat it. I love my job as much as I love traveling so I’m doing it all while I can.

This year I plan to visit 5 countries in 21 days!

Middle East:

London, England

Zanzibar, Tanzania
Botswana / Ethiopia

How is that even possible?

At the beginning of each year I create a color coded spreadsheet (shoutout to excel lovers) to track my vacation days. I list all the events I plan to attend/ the places I plan to visit and all the dates and days I plan to be away from work.

Some of you know I work a nine to five job so planning around my job is critical especially when trying to maximize 21/365 days in the calendar year. I try to plan my travels around other national public holidays, which means I’ll get a little more than my regular 21 days. What a treat!

Fun fact: Compared to other countries, the United States has the least amount of national / bank holidays. US=10 vs. Colombia=18

I’m currently putting pen to paper and planning for my solo trip to Jordan. I am beyond excited about this list and I’m also so stoked that you get to follow this journey with me.

Living in a place like New York, it’s so easy to get caught up in routine and sometimes you just need to come up for some fresh air. Traveling for me has been a sweet escape, a breath of fresh air and the best learning experience.

What adventures are you planning for 2017? Feel free to share in the comments.