Rumah Pohon: Nusa Penida


I’m sure you’ve heard it, if you’re looking for a luxury experience at a low cost, visit Bali. Well i’m here to tell you to also visit Nusa Penida too. Just a thirty minutes boat ride from Bali and before you know it you’re steps away from the island’s best kept secret. I highly recommend a visit because there is so much untouched natural beauty and of course, Rumah Pohon Atuh will exceed your experience and expectations. This accommodation is always in high demand will make you experience on the island a hundred times worth it. Luxury travelers beware, this place is ideal only if you’re in on the adventure. 

Rumah Pohon means tree house, but this house is Atuh is extaordinary. The view from the house overlooks Diamond Beach, you can experience sunrise and sunset right on the edge of the cliff. I found this house on Airbnb for $34 USD and honestly I just got really lucky because all dates were booked except for the date I needed. 


To get to the location I hired a tour bus, but to get to the actual tree house it’s about a twenty minutes hike down a cliff from the reception/check-in area. I recommend that you only take what is needed for the night and leave your luggage at reception because there is no fun is carrying luggage down a cliff. As you imagine the wooden house is on a real tree, to get up on the tree there is a dilapidated wooden stairs held together with blue rope, not the most sturdy, but holding on helps. There is electricity in the house, but only for certain time during the day, early mornings and late at night. Also, as you imagine there is no wifi and no toilet in the actual treehouse, however, there is an outhouse or latrin toilet and shower. I highly encourage you to walk with outdoor flip flops to protect yourself. If you’re like me and plan to visit solo, you won’t be alone as the lovely lizzards and motts will accompany you during your stay, not to mention the tourist and social media influencers who will occasionally stop by to take a photo on your steps. There is a restaurant about ten minutes away and you can ask the receptionist to hire a scooter to take you. Luckily again, my tour guide knew the restaurant owner and kindly arranged for me to be picked up and dropped off free of cost.


With all that said, absolutely nothing trumps the experience of spending a night in this tree house and waking up to the stunning and spectacular ocean view. Thankfully, my visit was during the low season so the area was mostly quiet, I felt at peace, I enjoyed the sunrise, did some reflecting, read a book and just enjoyed being present. 

I rate this experience a 5/5 and would do this again if I ever visited the island. If you’re down for the adventure take a few coins off your reservation here with Airbnb.

Thanks for stopping by. Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure.

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